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This is the debut album from Ascension Theory. The story is of a man confronted with disaster and his struggle to re-define his goals and his eventual personal transformation.

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Title Lo-Fi Clip Hi-Fi Clip 128kps Full Length
Warriors Listen Listen Read
Pieces Listen Listen Read
Eridani Listen Read
Speaker Listen Listen Read
Lovers (I'll Wait For You) Listen Read
Sleepers (One Flies Away) Listen Read
Enemies Read
Regeneration Read

Regeneration was recorded over the course of a year by Tim and Leon in Tim's apartment and was completed in January of 2002.

Tim wrote the music and words, and performed keyboards and programmed the bass and drum tracks. Leon performed all guitar and vocal tracks and helped with the overall production of the music.

Originally self-released in 2002, the album was then re-released by Nightmare Records in 2004.

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