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Images of a world I know not of
Pasted on these old friend walls
As I begin to make my flight
I turn back my life in time
To place where all the thoughts
Were all brand new
And the colors were so bright
When all worlds were possible

What have I seen?
To speaker I said
Is this the dawning of a nation?
What you have done
Has never been known
No world could ever stand against you

Friend is that all you know?
Is that what this has taught?
Even when you know another way
Is the way of death you take?

If you open up your heart
To the truth of all creation
The truth will teach you life


I will try to be know what I was
In a child's imagination's eye
Transforming mind and spirit
Into harmony
In these unfamiliar places

And for the ones
Trapped in their sleep
There is a chance for their revival
The flower that grows
Over our heads
It holds the key to your redemption

The energy that flows
From beneathe the ground
Restores the life in those
Where life can still be found

Now take what you have learned
Open your heart again
Live life a different way
Hope for another day

I stand with you
On the edge of the unknown
Trying to believe what I can't see
My fight is done, I know what I must do
Break down the walls
That I have built all of my life

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