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This release features the addition of Chad Lenig on drums. Different from the first, this album is much more of a collaboration between Tim, Leon and Chad. The story is set in a fictional world where humans live both on a single city on the earth and on a colony on the moon, but have become two isolated and completely different societies.

To hear the clips below, you will need an mp3 player. Download one here for free.

Title Lo-Fi Clip Hi-Fi Clip 128kps Full Length
Passion Of My Heart Listen Listen Read
Lockstep Listen Listen Read
Perfect Plan Read
Saturn's Reign Read
To Be Content Read
The Way of Death Read
Decisions Read
End Game Read
Answers Read

Vocals, guitar and bass by Leon Ozug. Drums and recording by Chad Lenig. Keyboards by Tim Becker. Additional vocals by Bev Luse, A.J. Simiele, and Mike Miseno.

The album was recorded between 2003 and 2004 at Chad Lenig's studio.

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